Tuesday, 26 March 2013

New Look Haul

I love a good haul post. I think they're great for nosey people like me who like to see what other people buy and spend their money on. So, I thought I would provide you lovely people with a bit of a haul of things I have purchased over the last couple of weeks. They are mostly items bought with my new job in mind, as I need to start building up my work wardrobe!

This is a pinky/coral coloured blouse that I picked up a few weeks back. I think it was £12.99. I think that although it's a fairly bright colour and could be used on a night out or as a casual blouse, it would also fit in well in my work wardrobe. It's a dipped hem style and has buttons all the way up leading to a cute little collar. I love this style, it's so pretty - and a perfect spring colour and style so I couldn't resist picking it up :-)

I absolutely love this top - monochrome is really in right now and is a big hit for spring so when I saw this beauty on the rails I grabbed it before I could convince myself otherwise. I tried it on before I bought it (which I am guilty of not doing very often) and the top is slightly shorter at the front, but not to the point that I would call it 'cropped', so I think this will also fit in nicely in my work wardrobe. I like that the stripes on the pocket are horizontal but on the rest of the top they are vertical, and I also love the buttons that go all the
way up the back and think this adds a nice edge to it. I really can't remember how much this was and it's bugging me but when I find out I will update.

Next is this black peplum top which I absolutely love, and is something that I tried on and actually thought looked really nice which is rare for me. It's got a round neck and I can't find the right words to describe the material but it's sort of textured which adds a little bit more to it. I think this top will look so good with a big statement necklace. It was only £12.99 and can be worn in so many different ways so a pretty good bargain really!

This vest top is more casual but I tried it on tucked into some black fitted trousers (that you can find down below) and it looked really nice and quite office-chic ;-). It has a racer back and although it's quite low cut, the way it hangs isn't too revealing. It's longer on each side of the top and the hem sort of rises up in the centre. (I'm not sure what this style is called - if any of you do then please let me know!). I really love this top and it will double as a nice spring/summer number and it was £4.99 :-) yay to bargains.

These trousers are something like what I would of worn when I was at school, but minus the rest of the school uniform, they are really lovely and look good paired with a nice top and blazer. They are fitted and actually almost too tight at the bottom around my calfs! But I'm sure they'll be fine once they've been worn and washed a few times. The two gold zips on either side look so pretty and make the trousers a little bit more 'edgy' if you know what I mean. They were £12.99, but the price was written onto the tag with a pen so I'm guessing that was a reduced price - I don't know what they were originally. I have no idea why they were reduced though as there is nothing wrong with them!

Lastly, I picked up this black dress because I like the simplicity of it. It's a kind of, dress length vest top, with a low cut back. It hangs really nicely and is quite fitted, so I might do a few toning exercises before I wear it, but it was £7.99 and I couldn't say no, so it now is hanging proudly in my wardrobe :-)

So that was some of the items I have purchased over the last couple of weeks. I will probably buy some more things in the next few weeks as I still need some more clothes for when I start my new job, so I might do a haul on those things if you guys want me to. And I would just like to add a little note..

Through the wonderful world of Twitter, I discovered a lovely little shop called Dixi which you can find here. I had a look through and chose to purchase this pretty little necklace, which also had the option of turquoise colour although I opted for pink. I also bought some high waisted wet look leggings which I love. I haven't photographed these for this blog post as I've left them at my mums, but I might feature them in my next haul. Dixi is a beautiful little shop and sells a huge range of clothing and jewellery, both modern and vintage, at some great prices. Definitely check it out if you haven't already!

Now I'm going to love you and leave you... sorry for babbling on, once I've started I can't seem to stop! What do you think of my purchases? Is there anything you've bought recently that you love?

laura xo


  1. I love the peplum top xx

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  2. Love the white basic top simple and pretty! Might have to go get 1 now lol!
    Found you from bloggers hop!
    Hannah :) x


  3. Great haul! Love the stuff you got :) x

  4. Definitely going to be keeping an eye on this blog- nice posts so far!


    1. aw thank you, that's so good to hear! I'll check yours out xxx

  5. New Look do such good bargains! I love your blog I've just come across it! :-) xox


    1. They do indeed! :-) aw thank you so much xxx

  6. I love the coral blouse, it's so pretty :) x


    1. Thanks! I think the colour is lovely xx


    XXXX http://rorolovesbeauty.blogspot.com/

  8. I love a bit of newlook and i dont know why people dont shop there more. You have some great picks, I need to get myself out and re vamp my wardrobe!

    Pipp xx


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