Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Glossybox or Birchbox?

There's been a lot of hype around the whole 'beauty box' idea, particularly the famous Glossybox, and it's close competitor Birchbox. I love the idea of it and think it's a brilliant way to find new brands and products that you might not of come across otherwise. Now, I am one of the worlds worst decision makers. I got as far as deciding that, yes, I do definitely want to invest in a beauty box subscription. But after that, I found myself a little bit stuck and confused, so please grab a cup of tea/coffee/vodka or whatever takes your fancy and prepare for a rambly post...

Which box do I go for?

So, I read up on both boxes and looked at the pros and cons of each. The prices of each box appear to be fairly similar, Glossybox being £10 for a monthly subscription, £27 for a three month subscription (saving £3), £50 for a 6 month subscription (saving £10), and £100 for a yearly subscription (saving £20). The prices of Birchbox almost follow suit - £10 monthly and £100 for a year's subscription, however the three month deal cashes in at £30 which may appear to save you less money than a Glossybox might. However, looking into it more made it clear to me that with Birchbox subscriptions, you earn more points, which are then redeemable for discounts in the online shop. All very confusing you might think, but essentially, neither box offers a 'better' deal, just different ones. It comes down to personal choice - if you're not going to be spending money in Birchbox's online shop, then you probably don't want discounts for it. 

So, after deciding that the money saving aspect of each box wasn't all that different, I had a look into the actual value for money that each box can offer. Brands. Glossybox provides travel sized products from the likes of Caudalie, Clarins, Elizabeth Arden and Illamsqua, as well as a fairly large selection of other high end beauty brands. Birchbox, whilst partnered with just as many different brands, including China Glaze, L'occitane, and Laura Geller, perhaps provides users with more products that are less well known or less raved about. But does this necessarily mean that these products are inferior?

Both boxes tailor the products to your personal online profile, so that in your monthly box you will receive products that are suited to you (you wouldn't want to receive something that helps sort out oily skin if your skin was as dry as a bone would you?). Perhaps one advantage that Birchbox has over Glossybox is that with each box it sends out a Birchbox magazine, as well as original tips and tricks to help the user with the products that box contains. I think this is a nice touch and I for one would find this very helpful, but does it give Birchbox the winning hand? I'm still undecided, and think that the answer for me may be to try out both boxes and decide from there - so watch this space!

Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes? Which do you prefer - Glossybox or Birchbox?


  1. i've never subbed to either - waaay too much make up as it is - but this was an interesting comparision xx

    1. I've probably got too much aswell, but I convince myself I need more! Thank you xx

  2. Birchbox, I have been with glossy box for a few months and they seem to be going down hill with there sample sizes and what they are sending out, its like any old thing with the occasional good thing. Birch box seem to be getting some good things out there!

    Pipp xx

    1. I have recieved one glossybox and wasn't too disappointed but I've yet to try Birchbox so that's helpful to know.. maybe I'll just go with Birchbox instead! xxx


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